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1.     All happiness and facilities / opportunities are available with human being, still then he / she is sad, tensed, confined within family disputes, jealous with each other, why?

2.     We are sad, surround with problems but not aware of the reason, why?

3.     Differences of opinion / thinking between parents and their child, why?

4.     Differences of opinion / thinking between husband and wife, why?

5.     Why we involve our self with worship?

6.     What we achieve from worship?

7.     What is the right procedure of worship?

8.     The path,which is the medium of conveying god about your desires,which one?

9.     Old parents are deprived off from the responsibilities of their child, why?

10.   Human being generally looks like old before time, why?

11.   Even if having sufficient income, human being are burdened with loan / borrowings and not able to have a sound sleep, why?

12.       Even after getting verified the horoscope from a competent astrologer / priest, husband and wife leave separately, why?


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