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Monday 8th November 2010

Dear Pandit Acharya Vikas Kaushikji,

Jai Sree Krishna ! Jai Maa Durga ! Namaskara ! Trust this finds you very well.

This is to convey you our sincere gratitude, and appreciation of your kind moral, spiritual, emotional support to us during the recent period of our uneasiness and concern over the serious indisposition of my revered brother-in-law, who has, now recovered, thanks to the Grace of Almighty God, your ‘japas’ and astro-remedies, the excellent medical attention, the wonderful care by his wife and children, and the prayers from all dear and near ones.

My revered brother-in-law, is an eminent Indian scientist, and has been in the USA for nearly forty-four years . He was diagnosed to be suffering from cancer which was in the fourth stage, and the form being known lymphoma. He underwent extensive medical treatment at the famous Sloans Hospital in New York , where he was under intensive care. The chemotherapy treatment was painful. The period of nearly six months was very stressful to him, as well as to his wife (my sister), and their daughter and son, who are in USA . It caused, also, serious concern to our entire family here in India .

The ‘power of prayer’, and the ‘power of faith’, were all highly effective, eventually. The ‘dua’ and ‘dava’ were all blessed by the ‘daya’ of God.

I remember having turned to you for your kind advice, every now and then, which you so readily, selflessly, and affectionately gave, each and every time ! Your ‘japas’ and astro-remedies were powerful catalysts. My sister complied with the remedies prescribed by you to the maximum extent possible. I endeavored to follow your advice, too, here in Bangalore . The chanting of mantras and the simple steps in terms of astro-remedies were all executed with due reverence. You had emphatically predicted that, my revered brother-in-law will recover, surely, fully, and quite soon.

The results are before all of us. The series of tests and scans have clearly shown that, all is now clear, and my revered brother-in-law has begun to resume his normal life, gradually. He has, of course, to take great care and to undergo periodic check-ups.

We earnestly pray and fervently hope all will continue to remain fine. With the Almighty One in Heaven, and with pillars of support like Pandit Acharya Vikas Kaushik, all can be taken care of ! Thank you very much, again and always !

Warm personal regards and best wishes,


Vikas Saxena.

From:- Vikas Saxena,
Chief Executive,
Professional Expertise Group (
Residence : Ground Floor, # 104, Vars Ferndale Apartments,
First Main , Off 80 Feet Road,
Kodihalli, HAL Second Stage, (Indira Nagar),
Bengaluru - 560 008, Karnataka , India .
Phone # + 91 80 2525 4467
Mobile # + 91 (0) 98440 22017
Skype : vikas_saxena1

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