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Dear All,

My name is Sudhir and I am basically from Ghaziabad, currently working with Multinational Company in Delhi as a Graphic Designer itself.

My brother Varun had met with a misfortune of getting shot right on the eyes and he had lost his vision for the worst. All the doctors and medical professionals declared that he would not be able to see anything ever with his eyes.

And, then I came in contact with Mr. Kaushik in June, 2010, when my brother was in the hospital suffering with the same pain. After speaking to Mr. Kaushik, we followed his advice and saw a drastic change in Varun’s condition. We thoroughly followed his advice, instruction and the procedure dictated by him. And, the wondrous thing is Varun can now see through his one eye and there are heavy chances of he getting back his sight in both the eyes.

I myself and my family are so thankful to god and Mr. Kaushik. Varun’s health is improving day by day. There is so much peace in the house after such a long time. Now, for even small things I directly call Mr. Kaushik and seek his advice and the best part is he so polite and always takes calls.

It worked for me and I am very happy.


Thanks and Regards;

Name : Sudhir Mudgal
Contact No : 0 9911935280




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