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Major Achievement

Dear Vikas,
I've written this recommendation of your work to share with other LinkedIn users.

Details of the Recommendation: "I am a Creative Director in Advertising, who comes from an Air Force background, have always been a strong and a very independent woman. My life changed so drastically when a person came into my life, I went though three complete years of agony, physically and mentally I was getting tortured and all doors seemed to be closed to me. I had become a puppet to a Man and his family and lost my identity. Who was I? Where was i? How can I get out? Will I get out alive? So many questions and I was scared of the control, beatings and abuses that I faced every day in my life.

I was earning and the guy in my life with his family were enjoying. My money was buying the alcohol for me to be beaten up and abused. I was paying the rent and I was running away from my house. I had friends but was isolated from the world.

I has forgotten how to smile. Tension showed always and I hated myself because it was not me.

Then through advertising I got a chance to meet Vikasji, I had gone there to do his promotion. But I never did any promotions but Vikasji taught me and guided me slowly and steady to the right direction. Lets say God lead me to him as I was in pain and wanted to get out but just didn’t know how.

Following his guidance I am completely a positive person today. I am once again independent, confident and have a smile that is very contagious.

Thank you Vikas ji and Jai Shri Krishna for helping me find my smile.

Kavita Shaw
Service Category : Advertising
Year first hired : 2011
Top Qualities : Great Results, Personable, Expert

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